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Warranty Claims and Refund Policy


Rapid Services only provide Warranties (and support) for products we sell. We are not a Department Store or Franchise. If you have a Warranty claim on a product not purchased from Rapid Services please contact (a) the supplier you purchased it from or (b) the Manufacturer (Search the Yellow or White Pages).
All products sold by Rapid Services are covered by a Manufacturers Warranty which may be for a period of either 3 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.
The Manufacturers Warranty is stated on our web site for each product.
We do not offer Extended Warranties.

Warranty Claims
Should a product fail within the Manufacturers Warranty Period please e-mail the following details to sales@rapserv.com.au so that we may forward them to our Wholesale Supplier/s for assessment and approval.
This will speed up the process and allow a quicker resolution of the problem.

  • What is your claim? (e.g. not working, does not turn on)
  • If it is, for example, an Intercom: Monitor or Camera not working or installation problem? Who installed it? What tests have been performed?
  • What is the name and product number of your product ? (e.g. HP Notebook, PN# HP1750) Details will be found on your Tax Invoice.
  • Date of purchase (also from the Tax Invoice).
  • Your name, address, e-mail and telephone details so we can contact you with any queries should the need arise.

(a) Rapid Services will authorise the return by e-mailing you a Return Authorization (RA) Number which must accompany the goods.
(b) Rapid Services may provide you with alternate Name and Address details of who the goods are to be returned to. Please send by Registered Mail so that tracking is available. Rapid Services will not be held responsible for any items lost in transit. Lost parcels will not be replaced. Insurance is recommended for costly items.
(c) You (the Customer) pay the postage to Rapid Services or its Wholesale Supplier.
(d) Goods will be assessed for Warranty by our Wholesale Supplier and you will be notified by e-mail of their decision.
(e) If the claim is approved, the goods will be returned at Rapid Services own expense (postage). However, if the claim is rejected for any reason (ie.damage), all return freight costs must be paid by You (the Customer).


Refund Policy - Who decides?

This is set by law. Whether you get a repair, replacement, refund or other ‘remedy depends on whether the problem is:
  • a major failure; or
  • a minor failure.

You may also be able to claim for compensation for ‘reasonably foreseeable costs caused by a problem with goods or services. This is usually for financial costs but can include other costs, such as lost time or productivity. For more information, see claiming compensation for consequential loss.


Major problems with goods
If there is a major failure with the goods, you can:

  • reject the goods and get a refund;
  • reject the goods and get an identical replacement, or one of similar value if reasonably available; or
  • keep the goods and get compensation for the drop in value caused by the problem.

You get to choose, not the supplier or manufacturer.
A major problem with goods is when:

  • a reasonable person would not have bought the goods if they had known about the problem. For example, no reasonable person would buy a washing machine if they knew the motor was going to burn out after three months;
  • the goods are significantly different from the description, sample or demonstration model shown to you. For example, a person orders a red bicycle from a catalogue, but the bicycle delivered is green; 
  • the goods are substantially unfit for their normal purpose and cannot easily be made fit, within a reasonable time. For example, a ski jacket is not waterproof because it is made from the wrong material; 
  • the goods are substantially unfit for a purpose that you told the supplier about, and cannot easily be made fit within a reasonable time. For example, a car is not powerful enough to tow a consumers boat because its engine is too small – despite the consumer telling the supplier they needed the car to tow a boat; or
  • the goods are unsafe. For example, an electric blanket has faulty wiring.

Minor problems with goods
If the problem can be repaired within a reasonable time, you cannot immediately reject the goods and demand a refund.
You must give the supplier a chance to fix the problem. The supplier may choose to:

  • provide a refund;
  • replace the goods; 
  • fix the title to the goods, if this is the problem; or 
  • repair the goods. It is the suppliers responsibility to return goods to the manufacturer for repair. If the cost of repairing the goods is more than the value of the goods, they can offer you a replacement instead.
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